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Section 3: Strategic Modelling for Rapid Delivery of EA

One of the biggest problems in implementing Enterprise Architecture projects is the amount of detail that is defined. The course segment videos in this section are FREE and show how to develop a high-level Strategic Model - as a conceptual Enterprise Model - from Business Plans that focus on the future.

Section 3 then shows how to identify business activities and business processes from the data model and how to derive project plans from the strategic data model for rapid delivery of priority processes in 3-month increments. The video segments in this Section 3 are described as follows:

Section 3 Video Segments Overview

Segment 3-01 describes how a Strategic Modeling Questionnaire Template is first used to gather business plans as input from business managers and business experts, if a Business Planning Questionnaire and inhouse Business Planning Workshop are not used as described in Section 2.

Their responses to the questionnaire are used as catalysts in Segment 3-02 in a Strategic Modeling Facilitated session attended by business managers and business experts who have NO knowledge of data modeling. With guidance from the facilitator, this segment shows how they can develop the Strategic Model of their enterprise as a business picture, based on the business plans and their business knowledge. .

Once the Strategic Model has been developed from Business Plans in Segment 3-02, Segment 3-03 shows how business activities and business processes can be easily identified from data models so managers can decide the delivery priorities of data bases and systems needed by the business. This approach is not widely appreciated even by experienced data modeling practitioners.

Following this, Segment 3-04 next show how to analyze the Strategic Model, both manually and also automatically, to derive project plans from the data model. This extends the discipline of data modeling with new methods that have not generally been seen or understood even by experienced data modeling practitioners.

These new methods enable priority business processes to be identified and extracted from complex data models - along with the data that they need - as subprojects for rapid delivery as systems into production in 3-month increments.


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