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Strategic Information Systems Plan


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This Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP) documents a Strategic Data Model developed for the Kwangju Bank (KJB) in Kwangju, South Korea. Project Plans have been defined for early delivery of priority databases and application systems to support KJB management information needs.

This is a technical document intended for staff with implementation responsibility for KJB databases and systems. It describes the analysis of the Strategic Model to develop the SISP; in appendices it documents the Strategic Data Model in detail.

The Executive Summary of this SISP Report is written from a management and business perspective; it summarises key results of the SISP for management.

The Structure of this Document

This Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP) Technical Report is in three sections.

  • Section 1 provides a brief overview of the SISP in an Executive Summary.
  • Section 2 addresses development of the Strategic Model from KJB Strategic Plans.
    • It first discusses the Purpose and Benefits of a Strategic Data Model.
    • It examines the Mission, Goals, Objectives, Strategies and associated statements in the KJB Strategic Plan. It discusses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the Plan.
    • Principles used to develop data models from planning statements are next discussed. The strategic data model includes data and information that support the KJB Strategic Plan, for later implementation of databases and application systems.
    • The Strategic Model, developed from the KJB Strategic Plan, was analyzed to identify major business activities and databases. This analysis identified subsets of databases that may be implemented early for delivery of priority information.
    • Recommendations for implementing the Strategic Data Model are then made.

Section 3 provides additional detail in a number of Appendices. Each Appendix includes a cover page discussing its content, and describes how the information documented within the Appendix is to be utilized.

Read Online or Download SISP Report in PDF

This SISP Report can be read online by using hyperlinks in the Table of Contents below. Alternatively it can be downloaded as a PDf file as follows:

Table of Contents

Each of the major headings below links to a separate web page. The contents within each web page - listed below its heading as hyperlinks - are also listed in the Contents at the start of the relevant web page.

Many of the Figures within each web page are screen snapshots.  These are displayed as thumbnails for the fastest download speed. You can view each thumbnail image as is; alternatively if you click on the thumbnail, the full-size image will be displayed.

Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction
1.1 What is a Strategic Model?
1.2 What are the Benefits of a Strategic Model?
1.3 How Was the SISP Developed?
1.4 How Can an Information Warehouse Help Us?
1.5 What Does the SISP Tell Us?
1.6 Project Priorities
1.7 Recommendations
1.8 References

The Company

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Benefits of KJB Data Bases and Systems
2.3 KJB Strategic Plan
2.4 Understanding Business-Driven Enterprise Engineering
    2.4.1 The Need for Feedback to Management
    2.4.2 Data and Information for Decision-Making
    2.4.3 Goals and Objectives Matrices
    2.4.4 Representing Strategic Plans in a Strategic Data Model
    2.4.5 Data Map Notation
    2.4.6 Data Supporting Planning Statements
    2.4.7 Measurement of Objectives and Performance Indicators
2.5 Current Functions, Databases and Systems
    2.5.1 Current KJB Functions
    2.5.2 Current KJB Databases and Systems
2.6 KJB Model Views
    2.6.1 Structure of Model View Hierarchy
    2.6.2 What Model Views Imply
    2.6.3 Entity Contents of Each Model View

The Approach

2.7 Projects Identified from KJB Strategic Model
2.8 KJB Information Warehouse

The Results

2.9 Project Plan Model for Kwangju Bank
2.10 Recommendations for Action


3.1 Appendix 1 - Model Views and Strategic Maps
3.2 Appendix 2 - Cluster Reports of Projects and Activities
3.3 Appendix 3 - Planning Statement Reports
3.4 Appendix 4 - Goals and Objectives by Function
3.5 Appendix 5 - KJB Functions and Business Units
3.6 Appendix 6 - Activities by Business Function and Business Unit
3.7 Appendix 7 - Entity Report of the Strategic Model











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