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How to Use the Project Planner

We have designed this page to be a handy Project Planner for your use. Please plan your own projects using the following steps:

  1. Review summaries of projects that have been completed by our clients.

  2. Read about IE/EE CASE tools, education and consulting services.

  3. Read Reference Material on our site to plan your own project.

  4. Contact us for a Project Quotation.

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1. Links to Client Projects

We have worked in most industries and on most applications during our 20 years of IE/EE activity with clients throughout the world. Because of the success achieved, many of our clients prefer not to have their projects placed on the Internet where it is readily available to their competitors. They will generally discuss their project with non-competitors personally by phone or email, however.

Even if the projects described below may not relate directly to your industry or application, please read about them and then do the remaining steps. The methodologies, CASE tools and principles apply to any industry. When you contact us for a project quotation, you will have a better idea of what may apply in your case. By phone or email discussion with you, we can then determine the most relevant client project references that relate to your needs.

In most cases, we can then put you in direct phone or email contact with key client managers who have a detailed knowledge of the relevant projects. Of course as with any project, there are things that were done well and other things that could have been done better. This will enable you to benefit from their experience, so that the success of your project will have the potential to even exceed their success.

  • Kwangju Bank Project new.gif (206 bytes)
    This article describes the development of a Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP) in 3 weeks. Using powerful modeling tools and a refined technique from Visible Systems Corporation, Kwangju Bank accomplished in a month a task that usually takes at least 6 months: building a top-down strategic information plan that aligns all systems with business goals. Accessible from this link is a News Article that describes the project, as well as the complete SISP Report -- which can be read online or downloaded as a Word document for offline use.
  • National Guard Project
    This is an excellent paper on the National Guard Counterdrug Directorate project which included the development of Client/Server applications and a Data Warehouse using Visible Advantage. Also accessible from this link is an animated online presentation that can be viewed directly from your browser.

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2. Information Engineering and Enterprise Engineering Reference

Read further details about the methodologies, CASE tools, education and consulting services that we provide to support our clients' projects. This will help you determine whether Information Engineering and Enterprise Engineering are applicable to your project.

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3. Define your own IE/EE Project

Now use the direct links to reference material on our site to plan your own project. This will give you detailed information and understanding about the applications, techniques, services and project phases that apply to your project. Use a typical IE/EE project to develop your own broad project plan and project schedule. For example, with large projects where businesse and IT people resources can be made available, IE/EE readily supports multiple project teams for rapid delivery of priority applications and systems.

  1. Read an Overview of IE/EE
  2. Determine Which IE/EE_Applications Apply to your Project
  3. Review the IE/EE_Services that are Provided
  4. Determine the IE/EE_Phases which Apply to your Project
  5. Plan your IE/EE_Project Schedule

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4. Request a Project Quotation

Now that you have an appreciation of how IE/EE can assist in your project, please contact us by email. If necessary we will phone you back at a convenient time so that we can understand your needs in more detail. This will enable us to provide you with a tailored quotation to address those needs. We can also supply you with relevant client references so that you can benefit from their prior experience.

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