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A Visible Solution Paper

Capability Maturity Model

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Visible’s Enterprise Engineering Methodology can help you consistently improve your software development processes and achieve ever higher levels of the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model

 Copyright 1997, Visible Systems Corporation


Capability Maturity Model

Capability Maturity Model

Any enterprise that has successfully delivered software to a customer, internal or external, has achieved CMM Level 1 (Initial). Usually this is accomplished through hard work, or luck, but the process in neither repeatable nor consistent.

In order to achieve CMM level 2 (Repeatable), an organization must have a consistent project management approach and repeatable practices. Our Enterprise Engineering methodology, which evolved from the business-driven Information Engineering methodology we pioneered, includes rigorous and repeatable phases, tasks, and deliverables that guide software development projects and can be used as the basis for populating automated project management tools. For more information see the Visible Solution, "Enterprise Engineering."

Most importantly, an organization cannot achieve CMM level 3 (Defined) unless they adopt and assimilate a standard, enterprise-wide methodology that allows them to consistently develop quality information systems. Enterprise Engineering can be adopted as is, or can be adapted to fit unique requirements.

Our methodology also helps achieve CMM Level 4 (Managed) by suggesting quantitative controls and metrics for software development project performance. It also describes procedures for implementing controls.

Finally, our Enterprise Engineering methodology supports CMM Level 5 (Optimizing) by providing a framework for continuous software process improvement.

For details concerning how we help organizations develop and assimilate their own strategically-driven, customer-focused, model-based, component development methodology see the Visible Solution, "Software Process Improvement."

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