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Issue No 1


The Enterprise Newsletter helps enterprises to achieve "best practice" in the application of IT to business.

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - March 6, 1998 -- I am delighted to welcome you to this, the first issue of The Enterprise Newsletter. My name is Clive Finkelstein. The title indicates our focus. Our Mission is for The Enterprise Newsletter to become a key vehicle to communicate innovative applications of Information Technology to Enterprises. While the contributions to this first issue come mostly from Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd (IES), I do hope that you and others will also provide input for later issues. Please feel free to share with all of us your experience, insights or comments. Email material or suggestions to me at <>.

Our objective is to help you and your enterprise become a "best practice" example of the application of IT to business. We want you to become "10 out of 10". For emphasis, we use the acronym "TEN" to refer to The Enterprise Newsletter.

Our initial plans are to distribute this as a quarterly newsletter. But you, our readers, are better equipped to guide me. You are the best judge. Please email me if you would like to see TEN published more (or less) frequently.

Clive Finkelstein
TEN - The Enterprise Newsletter

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The Pace of Change

In today's environment of rapid change, most organisations find that IT is a major determinant of competitive advantage. While this has certainly been true in the past, the pace of change with the Internet means that the ability to respond rapidly to change is vital. Now that people are connected by corporate Intranets, and customers and suppliers are rapidly being directly connected by Extranets, the one thing we are all short of … is time!!!

Many problems that we could work our way around before, given time, now become critical today. For example, it has been difficult to align information systems with corporate goals and strategic directions. And changes to systems to accommodate urgent business changes take months and sometimes years to implement. But we now longer have the luxury of years or even months. Systems that cannot change more rapidly may result in the failure of many enterprises. The corporate landscape will soon resemble the devastating aftermath of a major earthquake.

Yet there is good news. Methods to overcome these problems are now available, today! Through TEN we can share our experiences and so benefit collectively. For example, while the Internet is a major catalyst of change … it also is a wonderful resource that provides guidance. We can easily share our knowledge of enterprises that are working effectively to solve these problems, and we can also now visit them easily - via the Web. Here are two examples that immediately come to mind:

  1. A Regional Bank accomplished in a month a task that usually takes at least 6 months: building a top-down Strategic Information Systems Plan (SISP) to align its systems with business goals. You can read about this project online, or you can download an article describing the project and also download the complete SISP Report by clicking on Projects. From this Project Planner page, then click on the link for the "Kwangju Bank Project".
  2. A Human Resources Project for a State Government Department reverse engineered its legacy data bases to integrate them with a major Human Resources package that it was installing. This project was reported in InformationWEEK on May 29, 1997. You can visit a fascinating web site where each step of this project is described. First click on Projects and then click on the link for the "IHRIS Data Reverse Engineering Project".

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