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TEN#46: Second Edition of "ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE FOR INTEGRATION" by Clive Finkelstein is now Available

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June 27, 2011 - Perth, WA: It has been some time since the previous issue of  "The Enterprise Newsletter" (TEN) was published. I retired from presenting public courses in Feb 2010. While I am still presenting in-house courses and providing consulting support for projects in Enterprise Architecture (EA), I have since focused my time on writing the second edition of my EA book. The first edition was published as a hardcover printed book in March 2006: "Enterprise Architecture for Integration: Rapid Delivery Methods and Technologies", Clive Finkelstein, Artech House, Norwood: MA (2006).

This issue of The Enterprise Newsletter discusses the second edition of "Enterprise Architecture for Integration: Rapid Delivery Methods and Technologies" by Clive Finkelstein in PDF, as well as a new IES Online Store capability and Data Modeling Self-Study Certification courses.

Clive Finkelstein
Publisher, The Enterprise Newsletter (TEN)

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Second Edition of "Enterprise Architecture for Integration"

I have always been concerned that the first edition of the book was $US140 per copy, but it reflected the real cost of publishing a hardcover book of more than 450 pages. With the technologies and devices that have become available for ebooks since 2006 - specifically the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle - I felt that these offered the opportunity to publish a more reasonably priced book: at only $AUD30 per copy. Furthermore, I felt that an ebook was more convenient to use for a number of reasons:

For example, the iPad allows colour to be used in iBooks; the font size and even the font itself can be changed dynamically while reading; bookmarks can be placed for later quick access and selected text can be highlighted in yellow. Double tapping on an embedded figure or photo causes it to jump out of the page in portrait mode; rotating to landscape mode then enlarges it for readability. It also offers the potential for embedding video clips in an iBook. The Kindle itself is monochrome, but the Kindle app on the iPad displays ebooks in colour.

With these devices now in popular use and widely available, my writing and updating of the second edition focused on these technologies. The second edition is now complete and available as a PDF for $AUD 30.00. The iPad and Kindle versions will also soon be available. I will let you know in another issue of TEN, shortly.

If you are interested to seeing the Table of Contents and also reading the Chapter Descriptions and the Second Edition Changes, and then purchasing and downloading the second edition in PDF (495 pages), click on the following links:

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New IES Online Store is Operational

Along with the availability of the second edition, we have also upgraded the IES Online Store. The shopping cart now supports many languages, many currencies and most credit cards. You can choose exactly how you want the charges to be displayed. You can now check it out and purchase the second edition from the Home page of the IES Web Site at

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CBDM Available at Reduced Price

The Certified Business Data Modeler (CBDM) is now available from the IES Online Store at a reduced price. This has been widely used throughout the world for over 10 years to train business experts and IT experts in data modeling. It comprises the following self-study courses:

The workshop is the certification exam to qualify as a CBDM. The CBDM is also featured on the home page and can be purchased and downloaded from the IES web site at

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Clive Finkelstein is the "Father" of Information Engineering (IE), developed by him from 1976. He is an International Consultant and Instructor, and was the Managing Director of Information Engineering Services Pty Ltd (IES) in Australia. 

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